Kestrel Overview

Kestrel is a standalone intelligent outdoor observer.  Unlike typical time-lapse or IR-triggered video recorders, the Kestrel has been trained to recognize moving objects such as people, vehicles or animals and react according to your instructions.  This saves you hours of tedium in reviewing recordings for "interesting" events and annoying "false alarms" due to random scene motion or lighting changes.

Another important capability of Kestrel is that it's designed for use in areas without access to networks, power or both.  That makes it easy and inexpensive to deploy in remote locations.


configurable monitoring

Kestrel uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to recognize objects of interest that appear in the sensor field-of-views.  You determine what happens after recognition:

  • Send a mobile text message with optional image thumbnail
  • Send an email with image attachment
  • Initiate video recording
  • Activity compression
comm options.png

communication options

Kestrel supports several different communication capabilities.  Order your unit with the one that best suits your particular situation.  The three options are WiFi, LoRa and Cellular.

WiFi is the best choice when Kestrel is within range (100ft) of a base station.  WiFi provides the greatest access bandwidth and allows certain remote access features such as live video viewing.

LoRa provides long range (up to 1.5 miles) wireless communication with an included internet base station.  This makes it easy to situate in remote areas with no communication infrastructure.  There is no need to physically visit the unit in order to retrieve video recordings or change settings.

Cellular can be a good choice when the LoRa option is not practical and where cellular coverage is available.  Cellular comes with a monthly data charge which is minimized due to Kestrel's AI capability.

power options.png

power optionS

Kestrel can be powered from the optional 5V DC supply (requires 120V) or the optional solar power kit.  

The indoor 5V DC option is the best solution when 120V power is available and Kestrel is deployed indoors.   The waterproof 5V DC options should be selected when Kestrel is located outdoors.

The solar power kit consists of two 6V 12" x 8" solar panels with mounting brackets.  They can be located up to 50 feet from the Kestrel unit.