Welcome to the world at the edge

This is my initial post for Pixel Machines.  Pixel Machines incorporates most of my technical career interests: image processing/machine vision, open source software development, the Maker movement, FPGA hardware engines for image understanding, and edge-based image processing. Upcoming posts will talk about our products and about interesting (to me) developments in this general technical arena.

What is "the edge"? For my purposes in this blog, it's the edge of the network.  My general opinion is that data movement is undesirable for many reasons and that the right location to process data is the place where it's generated.  For images, that means processing right in the sensing device itself. And by processing, I'm talking about analyzing and reporting on the content of the images.  Right now, this is a difficult problem to solve particularly at the edge of the network, where there are generally constraints on space, power, cost and communications.  But recent developments in hardware, software and algorithms are starting to bring solutions into view.  Pixel Machines is here to help.